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Our Products

Discover why Yarmouth Natural is a trusted source for quality natural health products, including bulk whole foods, groceries, vitamins, supplements and personal care.


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Quality Bulk Groceries

We always feature a wide range of fresh bulk whole foods at budget-friendly prices.  

Our bulk groceries include the following:

Fresh nuts 
Dried fruits
Fresh seeds
Whole grains
Dried beans & peas 
Variety of flours & meals
Baking supplies
Gluten-free flours & baking mixes 
Organic options

Nutritional yeasts  
Peanut butter
Almond butter
Sesame seed tahini
Trail mixes
Chocolate covered treats  
Variety of natural snacks 

Bulk Groceries

Natural Groceries

As your independent, locally-owned natural health store, Yarmouth Natural offers a wide range of quality natural groceries and food supplements, including a unique selection of Nova Scotia and Canadian products.

Our packaged natural groceries and food supplements include the following: 

Packaged Groceries

Nut/seed butters
Crackers and cookies

Gluten-free crackers, cookies, snacks 
Whole-grain breads, buns & wraps
Gluten-free breads, buns & wraps
Gluten-free & whole grain pasta 
Keto Breads Buns & Wraps
​Keto bars and snacks
Canned soups
Oils and vinegars 
Boates Apple cider vinegar
(Nova Scotia product!)
Condiments and sauces 
Pasta sauces 
Coconut & almond milks
Organic dairy cheeses  
(Canadian product!) 

Vegan cheeses (PEI product!)
Holmstead dairy feta (Nova Scotia product!)
Ran-Cher Acres goat cheeses (Nova Scotia product!)  
Natural dairy butter (Canadian product!)
BullyGoth Farm dried mushrooms (Nova Scotia product!)
Natural sugars 
Natural sugar substitutes 
Hutchinson maple syrup (Nova Scotia product!)
Foote Family Farm honey (Nova Scotia product!)
Saint Isidore Farm honey (Nova Scotia roduct!)
Variety of natural salts 
Salt substitutes


Natural flavorings 

Soup and broth mixes

Vegetarian soup bases
Whole-grain chips
Veggie chips 
Popcorn & naan chips 
Energy and protein bars
Susi supplies 
Variety of protein powders
Coconut oils, MCT oils
Omega oils
Marine and bovine collagen powders
Amino acids 
​The Cultured Coconut natural coconut milk probiotic (Nova Scotia Product!)
Manuka honey 

Local, Organic and Natural Products

Yarmouth Natural values supporting our local economy and offering our customers quality natural products produced right here in Canada.  We focus on growing our selection of Maritime products, supporting local food security and promoting sustainability.  

Come in to find just the right local and Canadian products to meet your needs!

Teas & Coffees

We offer a complete selection of herbal, black and green teas as well as bottled kombucha in a variety of flavors and Nova Scotia chaga tea.  Our teas come in a choice of tea bags and bulk loose teas. We also carry the equipment you will need to brew loose teas, including tea pots, tea balls and strainers. Our fresh whole coffee beans are supplied by Nova Scotia’s own Sissiboo Coffee Roasters and Just Us! Coffee Roasters. We have a coffee grinder in store to suit your preferences. 

Fresh Bulk Culinary Herbs & Spices

We carry a full range of essential fresh bulk culinary herbs, spices and blends.  Our selection includes everything from basil to cinnamon, cloves, anise, savory, pepper, turmeric, curry, seafood seasoning and saffron. The majority of our selection is organic.  Bulk herbs, spices and blends may be purchased in any amount you want, from as little as a teaspoon to a whole pound or more. 

Natural Household Cleaning Products

We carry all the basic natural cleaning products, including dish soaps, laundry soaps, household cleaning products and some brushes and scrub pads.


High-quality chocolate bars and treats rank amongst our most popular products. Our unique selection includes Canadian artisan chocolate bars as well as bulk chocolate-covered nuts, fruits, berries and coconut.

Essential Oils and Carrier Oils

Essential oils are increasingly popular these days. We carry a full range of quality essential oils and oil blends, including NOW and Naka brands.  Our selection includes a variety of carrier oils and diffusers.  

Natural Personal Care

Our natural personal care products provide solutions to meet individual and family needs from hair care, skin care, to body care and oral hygiene.  We feature quality Nova Scotian and Canadian natural personal care brands, including Nova Scotia Fisherman, Prairie Naturals, Attitude, The Green Beaver and Soap Works. Our local products also include Thistle & Weeds handmade soap from Shelburne, Annapolis Valley Luffa and Barefoot Daughter botanical shampoo and body bars from Digby County. 

Local & Organic Food
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